G19 Welcome to G19. Our front door is actually in Tait Lane even though our address doesn’t say so! The kitchen here is perfect for food shoots and the cyclorama studio accommodates most advertising photography / video productions.

G79 Welcome to G79. Literally 100m down the road from G19. We’ve got a bit of everything here. Perfect for portraits, fashion, product photography. We are upstairs though so if you’re photographing furniture or washing machines you may want to consider G19 or GF instead.

GF Welcome to GF. Located in the iconic Docklands Cotton Mills business park in Footscray not only is this studio good lookin but it boast a sound friendly studio environment for video / film shoots as well as a great kitchen which can accommodate any food photography / video production you can imagine.


Everything you wanted to know and more

You will find automatic hand sanitisers & thermometers at each of our locations. We’ve also got cleaning stations with disinfectant and cloths should you want to wipe down any surfaces to be doubly sure.


Sure! We are available 7 days a week for bookings.


You know what to do… call, SMS, email, fill in our enquiry form or even send us a postcard.


Our Footscray studio was built with you in mind. We’re not a soundstage but we are definitely the next best thing.


We are extremely flexible and cater for a variety of different projects. Typically people hire for half, full or multiples days.


You will need the basic standard $10,000,000 in public liability cover. Ask your insurer for a Certificate of Currency and send us a copy. That’s all we need.


To avoid a cleaning charge make sure you clean the studio before you go… or bring your mum to do it for you. The charge is typically $150 + GST but if you leave a heap we will charge a heap.


If you need a super fresh cyc painted just for you, labour & paint is $150+GST.


We can definitely accommodate delivery of large bulky items. Give us a call and we will let you know which studio will be best suited for your project.


All our studios are on the airport side of the city. Each is only about 20km away and you’ll be rockin the freeway all the way! If you flew in on a private jet then THAT airport is even closer.


To confirm your booking we need payment in full. We can do Credit Card, Direct Deposit or even cash but not 1st born children or your dad’s ‘Rolax’ watch. If you need to cancel, refunds are super quick and easy. You know the drill though, we need at least 24 hours notice if you would like a full refund.


Head on over to our Services page. We’ve got all the details there.


Head on over to our Services page. We’ve got all the details there.


Head on over to our Services page. We’ve got all the details there.


Footscray is a dream, G19 is well workable and G79 is upstairs. Tell
us about your needs and we will put you in the right space.


Lots of on street parking, All Day, 4 Hr and 2 Hr. If you’re looking for where to park a Gaffa Truck you’re probably a producer. Check out this pack we made just for you! We’ve got a couple of options for gaffas though give us a call to discuss.


The crew would fall apart without you! This pack has all the info only you would think to ask.