It takes a village to pull a good production together so we’ve opened our little black book and dug out our fave suppliers.
They are long time friends of Glow because of their great product and service so we are proud to share them with you.


We’ve got a great bunch of gear onsite. You can check out that list here. The lighting is all strobe so if you need continuous you’ll need to bring it along.


It’s a food stylist dream cupboard. Kitchen surfaces and food props in rustic neutrals and rainbow colours. Granny’s egg beater and copper pots, things you need to get poppin shots.


Of course there’s Uber Eats and some great local cafes only a stroll away, but sometimes, on the day, you just want food to appear out of nowhere. If only someone had arranged that! Look after your future self. Order a day or two in advance and the food WILL appear… just like magic.